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The future of Real Estate in Florida is bright! According to Santarelli (2020), current real estate market potential includes Orlando, Ocala, and Tampa...


Real Estate Investing. Impacting Communities. Leaving Legacies.


Legado’s primary purpose is to enable the business to increase the awareness of Real Estate Investments and the advantages it has over solely investing in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.

As business owners, it is important for Legado to stay true to its purpose by remembering the following scripture. “Without wise leadership, a nation falls; there is safety in having many advisers.” - Proverbs 11:14 NLT


The MISSION of The Legado Company, LLC. is to create accessible real estate investments and development opportunities for non-accredited and accredited investors while impacting change in our local communities.


The VISION of The Legado Company, LLC. is to become a vehicle of economic empowerment for non-accredited and accredited real estate investors nationwide.

Core Values


We value integrity in all our actions, guided by the highest principles.


We value an environment which fosters innovation for every investment.

We value inclusivity which affords diverse people of all socioeconomic backgrounds to participate in partnering with our vision.


We value the inspiration that our organization and its mission will bring to our communities.


Our Team

The Owners

Michael D. and Dr. Felicia C. Young (left)
Samuel and Marialisa Abraham (center)
Courtney and Dr. Laine Powell (right)

Michael D. Young



Courtney Powell

Executive VP of Technology


Samuel Abraham

Executive VP of Real Estate

Dr. Felicia C. Young

Executive VP of Investor Relations


Dr. Laine Powell



Marialisa Abraham




Hope Newsome, Esq.


Managing Partner of Virtus Law, LLP. Hope brings decades of experience managing risk, litigation and regulatory exposure, while leading regulatory communications. Hope has provided compliance and legal counsel to executive leadership on SEC, FINRA and state insurance rules and regulations. Her practice includes providing legal and compliance counsel to entrepreneurs, broker-dealers, investment advisers, private funds, and issuers. Hope previously served as general counsel and chief compliance officer of a private equity firm responsible for more than 50 public and private funds with various offering amounts up to $250 million and more than $600 million deployed capital in the areas of real estate, energy, senior housing, hospitality and 1031 exchanges. An author and panelist on relevant regulatory topics within the financial services industry, Hope has significant experience providing counsel on the issuance, investment management and distribution of private equity and debt.

Ken LaRoe, Esq.


Founder and CEO of a newly launched financial institution, Ken brings decades of experience from the lending and investment markets. Ken has dominated the financial market with his experience founding, managing, and operating banks. Ken maintained transparent fiduciary responsibilities and was able to scale two separate banks out of the ground to eventually being acquired by larger regional financial institutions.

John Crossman, CCIM, CRX


CEO of Crossman and Company, John brings decades of real estate advisory experience. Crossman and Company is one of the largest retail leasing, management and investment sales firms focused on serving landlords though out the Southeast. With offices in Atlanta, Boca Raton, Charlotte, Miami, Orlando and Tampa, Crossman and Company represents more than 400 shopping centers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee with over 28 million square feet under leasing and/or management.